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Finding the Key to Success in 2019

by Helen Lawler, President

November 8, 2018

As digital and fintech propel the industry at lightening speed, many financial services providers are still trying to adopt plans and implement new technologies. Community banks, credit unions and smaller financial planning firms are among some of the most challenged to catch up.

Key to Success in 2019 financial marketing

If that positioning and operational challenge wasn't enough, marketing in that environment becomes even more complex. For instance, a community bank contemplating between the traditional and contemporary models needs to serve its existing customer base while acknowledging the need to expand its market into new segments. It becomes a delicate shift in branding, strategy and tactical execution. If the bank neglects its base, they can impact current revenue. If they don't seek new acquisition opportunities, they can't maintain their standing and grow future revenue streams.

How do you get started? Remember two simple starting points for your 2019 budget allocation:

1. Know your segments and clearly define them.

2. Develop your marketing investments by the distribution of the segmented revenue projections.

As you build your tactics, these points will provide a foundational support for the more detailed aspects of your plan. It also serve as your sanity check as you move ahead. 

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